Virtual learning portal for pupils of Indian schools in Oman

Energy Saturday 29/December/2018 21:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Virtual learning portal for pupils of  Indian schools in Oman

Muscat: Now, children can access hundreds of videos and learning resources from their homes, thanks to a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) portal launched by the Board of Indian Schools in Oman.
It is expected to empower teachers to create virtual classrooms by allowing students to access learning resources and interactive videos 24/7.
The portal,, was inaugurated by Dr. Hamoud bin Khalfan Al Harthy, Undersecretary of Education and Curricula, Ministry of Education.
“The ISO VLE portal will serve as an online platform that will give teachers and students access to the best of our school resources. With this, the Board aims to create learning solutions that exist beyond the confines of the classrooms where the strengths of each school are accessible to all our students throughout the Sultanate,” said Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman, Indian School Board.
A VLE coordinator is appointed for every school to coordinate access to the portal for staff and students. Workshops and hands-on training sessions were organised for the subject coordinators, VLE coordinators and the principals of Indian Schools.
The portal is hosted on a virtual private server that can allow multiple concurrent users. The portal can also be accessed via different devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. Hundreds of videos and learning resources are available for students, which can be accessed from their homes.
In its initial phase, the portal caters to the main subjects of Classes X and XII; more classes and subjects will be added in the years to come.
The portal will also have a window to promote peer group learning, which will empower students to become competent in different subjects.