I love my life and I live it like every day is my last day: Ranveer

Energy Saturday 29/December/2018 21:15 PM
By: Times News Service
I love my life and I live it like every day is my last day: Ranveer

Muscat: T FM recently spoke to Indian movie star Ranveer Singh about his upcoming movies and his much-talked about wedding to Indian superstar Deepika Padukone in Italy.
T FM 95.4: Hearty congratulations to you, Ranveer on your wedding. How does it feel to be married to one of the most beautiful women in the world?
Ranveer: Thank you so much. It still feels surreal but I am on top of the world. I feel great. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I feel blissful.
T FM 95.4: We have always seen you as a livewire and you are so full of life and energy. What’s the secret behind this insane level of energy?
Ranveer: I love my life and I live it like every day is my last day. I have a zest for life. I pour all my energy into everything I do and do it to the fullest. I give it my all, and I guess that’s what translates into my movies and real life too.
T FM 95.4: You worked
earlier with Rohit Shetty for a short ad film. However, this is the first time you are doing a full-fledged movie with
him. Tell us about your
experience working with him for ‘Simba’.
Ranveer: He is the blockbuster king; he is the reigning film director in the “typical commercial masala” genre of films in Bollywood. I have admired his work and always wanted to work with him. I always wanted to foray into that line/genre of films myself and do something different, but I wanted to do it with him and him only. He really is the gold standard in this genre. What I realised after working with him is that his team is a very close-knit team, everyone has worked with him before, in fact, for over 10 years, unlike any other team that you work with for some six months and then switch to another one once the film wraps up. They are like a close-knit family and I am so happy that they adopted me into their family. Rohit sir is an exemplary team leader and it translates into his movies. And you will always see it in his films. He gives credit to his entire team, as the team is an integral part in the filmmaking process. He is someone one can learn a lot from. His work ethics are passed on to everyone in the unit. And during this course of filming, he became like an elder brother to me, always guiding me.
T FM 95.4: How was it juggling between your wedding and shooting this film?
Ranveer: I had always known that time would get compressed both before and after the wedding. Rohit sir was kind enough to schedule the last leg of the shoot in such a way that I was able to be there for my wedding. Now that I am back, things are very hectic and I have a lot of work. The workload is immense and I am working 20 hours a day. I am not complaining though. I am enjoying everything that I am doing. I had expected this from the get go. So, I am managing. Come January, I will get busy shooting for my next movie, which is a sports-centric movie and training and preparations for it are going to be hectic, though things are going to get a whole lot calmer than they are right now.
T FM 95.4: Working for those 20 hours, does that include maintaining your physique and hitting the gym?
Ranveer: No, right now I am barely hitting the gym. Rather, I do not have the time to do so as I am extremely busy juggling a lot of things. But yes, having said that, there is a time when you get into the zone prepping up for a certain kind of role where you have to hit the gym and work out religiously. I am also consciously taking some time off from the gym, as in the New Year I will be shooting for a sports film and a lot of physical training will go into it. So, I’m taking it easy now. Come January, I will be breaking my back to achieve Kapil Dev’s bowling skills.
T FM 95.4: Was it weird working with Sara Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, someone whose films you’ve probably grown up watching?
Ranveer: I have always been an admirer of his films and respected him. Though it wasn’t difficult or weird working with his daughter, Sara. See, you have to respect and be sensitive to the vulnerability and space of a newcomer and let him/her grow. I have been there and I know exactly how it feels. I have been in that position and I know being in that vulnerable position, you are constantly looking for validation and acceptance and you want everyone to like you. I am happy to be there for her and be able to guide her through it. In fact, I am extremely happy that her first film has done so well. She is a wonderful person and has a great personality and people are loving her in all her public appearances. I feel she has the potential to make it big and become a superstar. The more films she does, the more she will grow and evolve as an actor. She brings along a sense of freshness on set and she has the potential to learn so many new things and absorb them. I am really fond of her.
T FM 95.4: Thank you so much for chatting with us and we hope to see you soon in Muscat.
Ranveer: Yes, I hope I can come there for a holiday soon. I was there to shoot a song for one of my movies and it’s a beautiful place. I hope to get there soon.