Indonesian expats in Oman seek support in wake of tsunami

Energy Monday 24/December/2018 22:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Indonesian expats in Oman seek support in wake of tsunami

Muscat: The Indonesian community in the Sultanate has come together and is asking for prayers, as well as support in the wake of the tragic tsunami that killed 373 people in western Java.
Haposon Situmorang, an Indonesian community leader in Oman, said, “First of all, we would like to offer our condolences to the victims and to their families. We pray that those affected will be strengthened by God. We pray for no more tsunamis and natural disasters.”
“We really feel very devastated right now because this is something unprecedented, something different. It is a very bad situation right now. But the president and all the authorities concerned and rescue workers are working hand-in-hand.”
The Indonesian community in Oman, he stated, will be providing whatever support they can through the embassy.
“On behalf of the Indonesian community in Oman, we would like to ask everyone to pray for the victims and the families of the victims. Please help spiritually and materially if you can, through the right channels.”
“Also, we would like to request our Omani brothers and sisters who were planning to spend their end-of-year holidays in Indonesia not to cancel their trips. Indonesia is very big and I know many Omanis who are in places such as Bandung, which is far away from where the disaster struck, have not been affected and are enjoying their holidays.”
“Please do not cancel your trip because by coming to Indonesia you will help us remain confident and provide support during this difficult time.”
Dr. Muhamad Iman, an Indonesian expat, said, “We are very sad because we have had so many tragedies this year. In Lombok, Bali, and elsewhere, we have not only suffered from tsunamis but also earthquakes and an airline crash.”
“We are planning to help our brothers and sisters in Indonesia any way we can, through the appropriate and legal channels. We are also making strong dua for them.”
Vina S. Thaher, an expat from West Sumatra, added, “I first learned about the tragedy from a notification on Facebook. One of my friends who lives in the affected area marked herself as safe.”
“It was around 5:30am and I was wondering what was happening. So I checked online and read all about it. And when I checked the WhatsApp groups I am a part of, all my friends were discussing it. Of course I was shocked, because it was not long ago that Indonesia was hit by an earthquake in Bali, Lombok and then Palu. And now it has happened again.”
“I felt shocked and sad. I immediately checked on my family and friends. Alhamdulillah they are safe and sound. However, it was devastating to learn that some of my friends’ friends were affected and passed away as a result.”
Offering her deepest condolences to all her fellow Indonesians, Thaher added, “I hope they are blessed with strength to pass through this difficult situation. Just by reading the news, I was saddened and got goosebumps. I can’t imagine what they were feeling when the tsunami hit or when they received news that their loved ones were affected.”
“We as humans believe that God has a plan for us through this tragedy. I hope they can pass through this tragedy and have faith that God has a plan for us and that His plan is the best of plans.”