Omanisation on track as visa freeze continues

T TV Monday 24/December/2018 15:37 PM
By: Times News Service

More than 55,000 Omanis now work in the country’s construction sector, a senior official at the Ministry of Manpower revealed.
The move comes after the government decided to step up its Omanisation plans by reserving certain jobs in the country for nationals.
In addition, a visa ban that placed a hiring freeze across 87 jobs for expat jobseekers has also led to more Omanis entering the private sector workforce.
The ban was first instituted at the end of January 2018, with an initial period of six months, and was then further extended in July.
The total number of Omanis in the construction sector now stands at 57,525 while the number of expats stood at 570,730, at the end of November 2018.