Majlis refers medical profession draft law to State Council

Energy Sunday 23/December/2018 22:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Majlis refers medical profession draft law to State Council

Muscat: Majlis Al Shura yesterday referred the report of its Health and Environment Committee on the draft medical and paramedical professions practice law, which was referred by the Government to the State Council.
This came during the fourth session of the fourth annual sitting held under the chair of Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of Majlis Al Shura.
The Majlis members gave their remarks and views on some amendments proposed by the Committee on the draft law after the detailed study by the Committee and hosting specialists and academics.
The agenda of the session included briefing on the draft laws and agreements referred by the Government. It also included the reply of the Council of Ministers on the studies and desires that were referred by Majlis A’Shura to serve public interest and support development efforts.
The Majlis members also listened to some ministerial replies for written inquiries raised by members of Majlis Al Shura.