​Video: One of the fastest snakes in Middle East caught on camera in Oman

Energy Sunday 23/December/2018 12:48 PM
By: Times News Service
​Video: One of the fastest snakes in Middle East caught on camera in Oman

Muscat: The Schokari sand racer, one of the fastest moving snakes in the Middle East, was caught on camera by Omani Photographer Mohammed Al Mashani.

Al Mashani found the snake in the governorate of Dhofar. He said, “I found the snake on a mountain in Dhofar governorate, the snake is well-known for its high speed and it is up to one metre in length. The snake is poisonous and has two fangs in the rear part of its mouth.”
Schokari sand racer snakes have distinct features with four dark longitudinal stripes running over the top part of their bodies.

"The snake’s rapid movement helps in catching prey such birds and rodents. It also feeds on lizards and rodents that live in areas such as plains and valleys. The snake is found in abundance in mountain areas where food is available, very few Schokari sand racer snakes are found near agricultural areas," Al Mashani added.

While people should stay away from snakes and not handle them, the Schokari sand racer snake’s poison is weak in toxicity.
"Due to the location of the rear fangs, it is difficult for the snake to deliver poison when it bites a human being. Also, its poison is weak in toxicity," Al Mashani added.