British International School of the Year award for BSM

Energy Saturday 22/December/2018 20:30 PM
By: Times News Service
British International School of the Year award for BSM

Muscat: British School Muscat (BSM) has won the award for British International School of the Year, the school has announced.
The award is part of the Independent Schools of the Year awards run by the Independent School Parent, a top UK magazine for parents. The award was won for British School Muscat’s (BSM)’s Learning Ethos.
The award comes after nearly five years of hard work and preparation, according to Marion James, Communications Manager for BSM.
“In 2014, BSM’s Principal Kai Vacher asked the questions ‘how do we develop and nurture students who are best for this rapidly changing world, to help them develop the skills and attitudes they need to steer our world to a brighter future?’ and ‘How do we prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist’?” she told Times of Oman. “Should schools rely on inspection frameworks, examination criteria, government directives, education gurus or business leaders to provide the answer?” she asked. “Or could schools, given the right support and inspiration, find a way to future-proof our students so that they are best for the world ahead of them?”
Vacher firmly believes that schools should provide the educational vision for learners who can be the “best for the world” and BSM has developed its Learning Ethos to support this.
The Learning Ethos underpins everything within the school. It encourages students to be secure individuals (confident, risk takers and responsible), resourceful learners (motivated, curious, creative, resilient and reflective) and respectful contributors (open minded, collaborative, community minded).
“The BSM Learning Ethos is now the foundation for all of BSM’s work throughout the school, on teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment,” James added. “BSM Learning Ethos displays are all over the school; it became the rationale for the outdoor education programme and it is now driving the redesign of the curriculum and learning; students are exposed to the ethos as part of daily BSM life.”
She added that BSM was delighted to have been recognised for their Learning Ethos with this prestigious award.