Oman power regulator study identifies electric mobility future

Energy Tuesday 18/December/2018 21:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman power regulator study identifies electric mobility future

Muscat: Oman’s Authority for Electricity Regulation has published a report on the international best practices for electric vehicles (EVs) and recommendations, as Oman prepares for the penetration of EVs.
The report highlighted key developments in the market for EVs that have an impact on the future design of the electricity sector regulatory frameworks, as well as prioritised modifications for other sectors.
The report also revealed observations on tariff evolution that might better enable the development of EVs in Oman and their potential impacts on government subsidy levels to the electricity sector.
Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani, Executive Director of AER, said, “I am pleased with the results highlighted in the report. The objective was to assess the suitability of the current framework as Oman prepares for the penetration of EVs and learn from international best practices in this area. The work undertaken looked at a broad range of issues that covered sectors beyond the jurisdictional scope of the authority, such as data privacy and security concerns in relation to the adoption of EVs in other markets that must be addressed to ensure customers are adequately protected.”
“Additionally, it is evident that the successful penetration of EVs in Oman is primarily dependent on the engagement of a broad set of stakeholders and not just the authority,” he added.
“We intend to work on issues specific to the electricity sector during the next year and will continue to coordinate and engage in an active debate with other entities to ensure a seamless transition.”
EVs will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve local air quality, and reduce noise pollution. The authority will remain dedicated to promoting active cooperation in relation to the penetration of EVs with the government entities concerned and plans to undertake further work in this area in 2019.