Municipality starts combatting dengue-causing mosquitoes in Oman

Oman Friday 14/December/2018 10:18 AM
By: Times News Service
Municipality starts combatting dengue-causing mosquitoes in Oman

Muscat: Municipal authorities have started combatting the dengue-causing aedes aegypti mosquito in the Wilayat of Seeb, where the mosquitoes were found by the Ministry of Health.
The Directorate General of Muscat Municipality in Wilayat Seeb said, "Teams will carry out field inspections and survey, from dawn on Friday, in the areas mentioned in the statement of the Ministry of Health. [The Municipality asks] everyone to cooperate and facilitate the tasks of municipal teams."
The Ministry of Health has also published a list of guidelines to avoid mosquito bites:
1. Wear long-sleeved body covering clothes.
2 Use mosquito-repelling ointments on exposed parts of the body.
3 Close windows with a mesh to protect against mosquitoes.
4. Spray households with insecticides.
The Ministry added that, based on what was observed, the following ways to eliminate mosquito breeding are advised:
1. Discard water that is stored every five days, and clean tanks.
2. Dispose water collected from air conditioners and change the water of fans and other places where water gets accumulated.
3. Change the water of fountains, swimming pools and agricultural vessels every five days.
4. Change water in animal and bird drinking containers and clean the bowl before refilling every five days.
5. Cover water reservoirs.
6. Dispose used tyres.
7. Proper disposal of empty dye cans and damaged household utensils.