Ministry of Commerce and Industry endorses MIJEX jewellery

Roundup Thursday 13/December/2018 12:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry of Commerce and Industry endorses MIJEX jewellery

Muscat: Visitors to the ninth Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition (MIJEX) taking place at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre can be rest assured that the jewellery they purchase at the exhibition can be verified at the Ministry of Commerce laboratory stall for purity and quality.
Samir Abdullah Al Hadi, a Ministry of Commerce and Industry official present at the exhibition said, “We started our quality checking at the exhibition from the first day and so far we have not received a single issue in the jewellery which has been presented to us for quality checking.”
The exhibition, which runs till Saturday, December 15 invites prospective buyers to visit stall number 1110 where ministry appointed officials will verify the purity of gold and the clarity of the diamond or precious stones to give more perspective on the value of the jewelry.
He added, “Our job is not in the counter itself, we are going around the stalls, approach the buyers to inform them that the ministry is here to protect them before they make their purchase. We are also informing the visitors at the reception area about the presence of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry laboratory where they can bring the jewellery for testing.”
This year's show exhibitors showcase an assortment of jewellery raw materials, including exquisite diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones as well as pearls to both local and international buyers.
Oman has set a standard for the purity of gold sold in the local markets in Oman. The gold sold in Oman is not less than 18 carats. However, international jewelers may have different standards of purity of gold, according to their country’s laws which can be in the range of 14 carats, 9 carats or even 4 carats.
Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s stall act as a quality controller for quality checking the purity gold, silver, precious stone jewellery in the range which is acceptable in Oman. “We are the link between the customers and the shop owners. We verify what is mentioned in the bill and the jewelry is matching. We have a German made x-ray machine which gives an instant analysis of the purity of the gold or the diamond. The buyers should not be cheated for the money they pay. The ministry is here to defend the buyer’s rights.”
Apart from being the quality auditor, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry exercise no control over the purchases as the buyers are at their own discretion to pay the price of the jewellery they have chosen from international jewellers.
The MIJEX also has counter for testing and grading gemstones exhibited by IDT. IDT is largest independent laboratory network for testing and grading gemstones and fine jewellery based in Dubai and also has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Bangkok. IDT provides certification and insurance for the diamonds and fine jewellery. Diamonds are tested for the 4Cs which is cut, colour, clarity and carat. After analyzing the quality of the diamonds or precious stones, IDT gives an international certification and also includes an insurance for the diamonds or fine jewellery.
Karamjeet S. of IDT said, “Our certification is accepted worldwide for the authenticity of the precious stones and jewellery. This certificate will fetch better resale value when a buyer wishes to exchange his diamond or precious stone jewellery.”
The premier trade fair participated by companies from across the world, including Oman, Lebanon, India, Qatar, Italy, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and the UAE.