Oman's health ministry formulates rules for medical treatment abroad at government cost
October 23, 2015 | 8:29 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Regulations have been formulated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for treatment abroad paid for by the government. The move comes at a time when medical tourism is on the rise, with thousands of patients from Oman seeking treatment abroad. The number of people that the Ministry of Health sent for treatment abroad has also been rising year after year.

“At least a panel of five doctors will examine the patients before they look for treatment abroad,” a decision issued by Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Saeedi, Minister of Health said.

The decision is applicable to Omanis, migrant women married to Omanis, expatriates married to Omanis and children of Omanis with a foreign husband.

The continued increase in the number of Omani patients seeking treatment abroad has become a costly affair for the ministry.

The decision, which was announced on October 14, also stated that a “committee for treatment abroad” will review the case before it is finally approved.

“This committee will study patients and the recommendations of the advisory doctor or specialist physician or medical sub-committee to determine genuine cases”, it said.

The committee will sponsor one attendant with the patient if it is a male and two attendants if it is a female patient. “But if the patient is a child younger than seven years old, then one of the attendants will be a parent”, it said.

The committee may also dispatch a medical facility with the patient in some cases. “If the health condition of the patient requires it, then there are provisions of a medical team accompanying the patients”, it said.

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