Oman Post adopts lean business principles

Business Saturday 08/December/2018 18:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Post adopts lean business principles

Muscat: Oman Post has put its Business Excellence Strategy into action and unleashed cutting-edge lean principles across all its operations.
The company has delivered a first-of-its-kind course for 100 Oman Post employees featuring Jeff Hargett, Senior Corporate Director, Culture Transformation from the world-renowned Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center.
Designed to support the company’s forward-thinking journey to excellence, the course covers innovative tools, and agile approaches that seek to enhance customer experience, as well as achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance.
Commenting on the impactful programme, Director of Business Excellence at Oman Post, Sayyid Nasr Albusaidi, said, “Preparing for the business world of tomorrow, Oman Post is making sure that our processes are future-ready and future-proof by building the capabilities of our employees.”
“No matter what novel technologies Oman Post introduces in the years to come, our customers are the starting point for everything we do, providing them with a top-quality service is our main priority. That is why we have introduced this program, one of the first steps in the implementation of our blueprint for Business Excellence. We remain committed setting a strong and sustainable foundation for rolling out our customer-centric principles,” he added.
Sayyid Nasr went on to explain that Oman Post will use the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) framework to guide the application of Business Excellence and Lean principles within the organisation, building a sustainable culture of continuous improvement and streamlining operations.
Highlighting Oman Post’s ambition not only to develop a company culture of excellence but also to set standards in this regard, he said.
“Inspired by the standards of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, an organisation that has twice been honoured with the United States Department of Commerce’s Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Oman Post has its sights firmly on similar recognition, targeting in the first instance the prestigious EFQM Awards,” Sayyid Nasrsaid.
Involving members of the Oman Post Team - from the CEO to branch managers - as well as stakeholders, the course was conducted at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Its themes were linked to those of the Oman Post Forum 2018, which will be held at Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Center December 9 to 12.
Open to the general public from the second day onwards, the forum will showcase the company’s strategy for the future, ‘Driving Transformation through Business Excellence’ and feature an exhibition alongside its speaker series.