China, India Oman’s top two export markets until July

Business Saturday 08/December/2018 17:28 PM
By: Times News Service
China, India Oman’s top two export markets until July

Muscat: Oman's exports to China from the start of this year until July amounted to OMR3.7 billion, thus making China, by and large, the country Oman has been exporting to the most this year. These exports were largely by sea.
China was followed by India and the UAE in terms of countries importing the most from the Sultanate, although the UAE’s main routes were via land.
A statement by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) said, "Goods worth OMR3.7 billion were exported to China until July 2018, followed by India with OMR674 million and the UAE with OMR513 million."
Oman’s exports to China mostly consisted of oil and gas at OMR3.5 billion, paraxylene at OMR81 million, methanol at OMR41 million, chrome ores at OMR8 million, and polypropylene at OMR6 million.
Some OMR20 million worth of Oman’s exports to China comprised goods belonging to "other" categories. A list from the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) for this category included parts for manufacture, toilet paper, textiles, shoes, marble and semi-manufactured iron goods.
During the same period, Oman imported goods worth OMR344 million. Of this sum, OMR23 million was spent on cell phones, followed by air conditioners at OMR19 million and piping used in oil drilling at OMR12 million. However, most of Oman’s imports from China belonged to the "other" category at OMR275 million, according to the NCSI data.
Oil, gas, and chemical derivatives dominated the data when it came to sea exports, and the port of Sohar alone was responsible for most of the Sultanate's exports at OMR1.4 billion, according to the NCSI data.
As for air-based exports, Oman exported the most to neighbouring Qatar at OMR6.4 million, followed by the UAE at OMR5.5 million and Saudi Arabia at OMR2.39 million.
"Oman exported gold, jewellery, tuna, perfumes, and legumes to these countries," the data added.