Omani family takes action against litter

More sports Thursday 29/November/2018 12:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani family takes action against litter

#ReadersResponse: Citizens and residents of Oman have praised the family that cleaned up their village after visitors had left litter lying about during the National Day holidays. The family of 11 covered five tourist destinations across the town of Jalan Bani Bu Ali in the South Sharqiyah Governorate, spending three of their National Day holidays to do so.
“A big salute to the family for their great and amazing work,” said Syeda Fahmina Rizwan. “I really hope the municipal authorities take serious action against the people who are spoiling Oman’s natural resources. Oman is known to be one of the cleanest countries in the world, and we cannot have people spoiling the environment like this.”
David Baker added, “Great work done by this family. Sadly, the ones leaving most of the litter are not aware that they are spoiling the environment,” as Abdul Baqi Mohammed said, “Jalan Bani Bu Ali is a tourist destinations, and most of the visitors who come there are from outside Oman. This family has done a great service for all of us, but the truth is that this should not have happened in the first place.
“Many of these visitors unfortunately need to respect the environment,” he added. “I have seen people throw their rubbish around and this leaves the place in a rather ugly state wherever they throw it. It is a bit unfair that this hardworking and dedicated family had to clean up after them.”
Praise for the Omani family that spent three of their National Day holidays cleaning up their village came from all corners of the Sultanate.
“Amazing work being done by this family,” said Kathryn Chang, “But it would be good if those who littered were caught and punished,” as Asma Mujab added, “This is why I love Omani people. This shows that this is a lovely family. God bless them.”
“It is really sad that this has happened, an amazing that the family did so much to keep their surroundings clean,” added Kamal Sampat. “Please, a heartfelt request to all our visitors, do not spoil beautiful Oman,” with Anuradha Raj chipping in with, “This is a great sense of commitment. God bless this family.”
Kowthar S Hassan added, “Many, many thanks to this family, but they shouldn’t have to be cleaning up after others,” which seemed to agree with Sayeed Mozammel Hoque, who chipped in with, “Really great work being done by this family.”
“Visitors to places in Oman must be responsible for throwing garbage in the right places,” chimed in James Manjo. “It is unfair that this family has to do such things,” an opinion that was shared by Sajid Khan. He said, “Huge respect to this family. It is such a great work done by them. I heartily salute them for this kind of amazing work.”
Abdul Momen also thanked the family, saying, “Thank you very much for doing this. This is a wonderful idea,” with Edwin D’Souza adding, “Great work for the people and the country by this family. God bless them.”
Kimberly Connors said, “Visitors who live in Oman must understand that they should not do this and should not ask families like this to clean after them,” as Althaf Ur Rahaman said, “This is a great example of patriotism. Hats off to them.”