Road accident deaths drop for third consecutive year in Oman

Oman Monday 11/January/2016 23:04 PM
By: Times News Service
Road accident deaths drop for third consecutive year in Oman

Muscat: Brigadier Mohammed Al Rawas, director general of the Traffic Department at the Royal Oman Police (ROP), revealed that the number of deaths due to traffic accidents had dropped down for the third consecutive year by 48 per cent from the level seen in 2012.
Al Rawas stressed that the ROP was keen to create social mobility for the advancement of the level of traffic safety and reduce traffic accidents.
He also said the speed control devices and radars function under a strategy, which is in keeping with international regulations. He added that the police tend to monitor the international experiments and coordinate with the international traffic experts and manufacturers to better control traffic rules and motorists.
He also notified that the Director General of the Traffic Department at ROP is highly focused on violations of over speeding to limit deaths and injuries. He said the next phase starting from this year, will focus on violations of the use of mobile phones while driving.
The ROP will carry out several campaigns to spread awareness among the public.
Al Rawas also addressed the child seat issue saying the public should learn the importance of child seating and seat belts, pointing out that the child seating might be included in the executive regulations of the traffic law during the next phase, although child accidents are very limited in the Sultanate, compared with the global average.