Pakistani residents in Oman praise public dam funding initiative

More sports Monday 05/November/2018 17:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Pakistani residents in Oman praise public dam funding initiative

#Readersresponse: Pakistani expats living and working in Oman have praised their country’s embassy in the country, as well as their government back home, for reaching out to the people in order to accrue funds for a dam project that has been instituted by the new Pakistani head of state, Imran Khan. Less than a month after a request to collect funds for the PM-CJ Diamer Bhasah Dam was issued by Ali Javed, the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Sultanate, Pakistani residents in the country have contributed over OMR4,000 to the fund.
“It’s a short time Inshallah,” said Atif Shahzad. “Soon, we will get back our respect in the world due to the leadership of Khan and we will help the other countries as well. Nothing is impossible if you have an honest leadership. Love you Mr Khan!”
“For sure this will happen,” added Waseen Akhtar. “Drop by drop, we will make this happen. Keep going!” Khalid Usman said, “Good job, this will be easy for Pakistanis because they have proven themselves in the past.”
Pakistani residents who had collected money for the new dam were happy to have chipped in towards the effort, and encouraged others to follow in their footsteps by contributing towards other such causes.
“We have already contributed to this and are glad to have done so,” added Amjad Baloch.
“With the building of this dam, Pakistan will not suffer from drought and will not ask for water from neighbouring countries,” added Sufi Salik.
“This is a super achievement from Pakistan. Good luck to everyone who has contributed,” added Shahzad Malik, while Mohammed Waqas added, “Well done to all the Pakistani expats and the government for this initiative. This government is already showing that it cares for its people.”
Ex-cricketer-turned-politician Khan became the new leader of Pakistan recently, and has already launched a series of social and public projects to improve the welfare of his fellow countrymen, prompting a positive reaction from Pakistani expats in the Sultanate.
“Very good, keep it up,” added Vicky Sheikh. “Congratulations to all the overseas Pakistanis who contributed money towards the dam. God willing, we will see good coming out of it.”
“This is a great effort from the government,” said Ikram Ullah Mohammed. “The government of Pakistan has already shown that it cares through such initiatives and is keen to involve the people. They have also shown that they are not afraid to ask from the people when they need it and there is a new hope in the country at the moment that things will get better.”
The news was confirmed by Syed Faraz Ahmed, General Manager at Oman United Exchange, who said, “OUE has collected over OMR4,000 in just 25 days from Pakistani nationals living across Oman, and is looking forward to collecting more.”
Mohammed Zaeem, General Secretary of the Pakistan Social Club Oman (PSCO), said his organisation would endeavour to collect more if and when needed.
“We will strive to collect more through the club and add to the already collected amount. In this regard, PSCO is planning to create further awareness to motivate the community to contribute. The club is already in the process of seeking approval from the authorities,” he said.
Khan has said that if dams are not built in his nation now, the nation could suffer a drought in the next seven years, and has promised to safeguard the money of those living in Pakistan, as well as overseas, who have contributed.