122 bids received for six integrated fuel stations in Oman
January 9, 2019 | 9:30 PM
by Times News Service
Three of the [fuel stations] will be on the Batinah Expressway in the wilayats of Suwaiq, Saham and Liwa.

Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Housing has received 122 bids on six integrated fuel stations along Al Batinah Expressway and Adam-Thumrait.

According to officials, the most bidding was recorded in the Al Hoor area in the wilayat of Suwaiq, and the least was in the Al Ghafaitan area in Haima.

In a statement, the ministry said, “[There were] 122 requests for bids on the integrated fuel filling stations along the Al Batinah Highway and Adam-Thumrait Road, most of them in Al Hor area of Suwaiq and the least in Ghafatain of Haima.”

The bidding for six integrated fuel stations started in December, in the first stage. Three of the [fuel stations] will be on the Batinah Expressway in the wilayats of Suwaiq, Saham and Liwa. Three others will be on the Adam-Thumrait road — two in the wilayat of Haima and one in Maqshan—according to the ministry.

The bidding is restricted to Omanis and institutions wholly owned by Omanis. The applicant should not be the owner or beneficiary of another piece of land allocated to a fuel filling station when submitting the application, either on his/her own behalf or on behalf of a company or institution.

“The idea is to allow citizens who have never had a fuel filling station, pointing out that public joint stock companies are exempt from this, provided that the Omani share of its capital is not less than 70 per cent,” added the ministry.

The general specifications for these types of integrated stations have been developed to ensure the quality of their implementation and adherence to the implementation schedule.

The applicant must submit an initial outline of the project, including preliminary engineering designs and total built-up areas. The period of implementation shall not exceed two years from the signing of the benefit contract.

The ministry noted that these integrated stations will contribute to creating a typical environment in terms of services and facilities for road users, and will meet their basic needs.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications opened the Al Batinah Expressway for traffic on May 7. It is the largest road project in the Sultanate.

The Adam-Thumrait road starts from the end of the Izz-Adam dual carriage road and ends in wilayat Haima, with a total length of 320 km. “The rest of the parts of the road until wilayat Thumrait will be completed when funds are available,” added the ministry. The road will link the governorates of A’Dhalikiyha, Wusta, Sharqiyah, and Dhofar.

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