Royal Oman Police produces film to generate awareness against drug trafficking

Business Monday 11/January/2016 22:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Oman Police produces film to generate awareness against drug trafficking

Muscat: An anti-smuggling action film was recently launched by the Royal Oman Police (ROP), as they adopted Hollywood-style tactics to raise awareness about everyone’s responsibility in fighting crime.
The ROP Coastguard, in cooperation with the ROP’s Public Relations department, recently launched a film, in which the people of Oman were made aware about their responsibility to cooperate with the police to maintain law and order in their country.
Check out the video here​
Omani actors
The film, which was screened on Oman TV on January 6 and uploaded on YouTube in Arabic the next day, looks like an action movie and features Omani actors Abdulhakim Al Salihi, Salim Al Rawahi, Malik Al Sayabi and singer Youssef Al Balushi.
It was shot on the coasts of Muscat, Seeb and Barka and was produced by the ROP and directed by Ya’qub bin Mahfuz Al Khanjari. The film lasts approximately 20 minutes.
The plot starts with fisherman Saleh being promised a large sum of money if he takes part in a smuggling operation somewhere on the coast of Oman. Despite the prospect of quick money, he decides not to. Instead, he helps the coastguard thwart a trafficking operation off the coast, after which all smugglers are apprehended.
The film ends with the phrase “The security of the nation and the well-being of society is a responsibility of all.”
An ROP official told the Times of Oman that the aim of the film was to create awareness among Omanis, as well as non-nationals, that the security of the nation is not only a responsibility of the police, but of all.
“The citizen is an ally in creating security and cooperating with police officers, under the banner that we are all police officers,” said the official.
The subject of smuggling was chosen by the police, because “it is the biggest problem the police face, when it comes from the sea,” he said. “One of the major problems comes not from inside, but from outside,” he stated.
Aim of film
However, with the aim of creating awareness among Omanis and residents, it does not matter whether it concerns smuggling or any other crime; the official stressed the aim of the film, which is to create awareness.