Video: Marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe encourages young runners in Oman

Energy Tuesday 30/October/2018 09:05 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: World record holder and British runner Paula Radcliffe, who is visiting Oman for the first time, is set for her 10km run at next year’s Al Mouj Muscat Marathon.
“This is my first time in Oman and I am having a wonderful experience. I arrived in Muscat on Thursday and have been to the mountains, Daymaniyat Islands, the Grand Mosque, Muttrah and ran by the palace and the corniche. I am here as the ambassador of the event, and will come back to Muscat to run the 10km race,” said Radcliffe, while exclusively talking to Times of Oman.
Radcliffe, who is a legendary figure in the marathon world and beyond, is also the ambassador for the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon. During a glittering career, she won multiple marathons — including London and New York — both on three occasions. Having retired from competitive running in 2015, Paula has retained her status, not least because her world record time of 2:15:25, set in 2003, remains unbeaten.
Sharing her experience of the 1km run she had yesterday with some 168 school children from both government and private schools in Muscat, Radcliffe said it was extremely rewarding for her to run with the children.
“One of the most special privileges I get when I am an ambassador for the event is to be able to run with the girls and children, and see them just starting out on their journey of enjoying running and of realising how it can help them to grow.
“It is going to be amazing see these girls taking another step in their journey and joining the kids’ run next year at the marathon,” she said. For both residents and citizens, who are first timers and are planning to participate in the 10km race next year, Radcliffe had some valuable advice to share.
“Ten km is very manageable, and between now and January there is a lot of time, so I would advise participants to join a group of friends or a running club so they have company on the training runs, and to build up gradually and include a bit more protein and carbs in their diet to help the body recover,” said Radcliffe.
“Also, do some longer build-ups gradually, to a little bit more than 20km once a week and one shorter, but quicker, and then maybe one more run or spins over the weekend. I would suggest to start training once a week and build up to twice a week, and train for not more than three times a week to be able to run comfortably,” she added.