Riyada Talk service launched for entrepreneurs

Business Monday 29/October/2018 15:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Riyada Talk service launched for entrepreneurs

Muscat: Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen Al Ghassani, CEO of the Public Authority for SME development (Riyada), has revealed the launch of Riyada Talk “the first of its kind event in Oman.” It aims to directly connect entrepreneurs with investors. This event will be part of the 6th edition of Entrepreneurs’ Products Exhibition (Ebda’at Omaniya 6). The exhibition will be held from November 21-25 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.
Commenting on the event, Al Ghassani said, “We seek to develop new ways of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises by promoting cooperation and partnership between them and other institutions, individual investors, and funding authorities. This can be achieved by showcasing their existing projects, economic viability, and feasible ideas to a group of business owners, investors and financing institutes."
“The event will include two parts – the first part will highlight inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs. While the second part will consist of a competition, wherein investors or funding representatives will evaluate projects and choose the proposals they are interested in supporting through a grant, loan or partnership," he added.
Al Ghassani, who is also the Chairman of the main committee for the Ebda’at Omaniya exhibition, encourages investors, interested supporters, and large companies to be part of this event. It will provide them with a great opportunity to get a better understanding of the capabilities of entrepreneurs and the services their small and medium enterprises offer. Perhaps even benefiting from their proposals, by either entering into a business partnership with them or supporting them financially.
Al Ghassani emphasised that, the event will have a very special media coverage.
“We are working towards having it broadcast live on television and social media platforms so that we help promoting and supporting entrepreneurs to further develop and expand their existing businesses and new ideas through constructive feedback provided by the evaluation committee. Thereby enhancing their skills in promoting their products and services for possible business opportunities,” Al Ghassani said.
With regards to the selection methodology of the participating entrepreneurs at the event, the organising committee has put in place a set of criteria that have been announced on Riyada’s social media accounts and website Riyada.om.
This event will be the main highlight of the upcoming 6th Ebda’at Omaniya exhibition, which is organised annually by Riyada, in cooperation with Al Raffd Fund, Public Authority for Craft Industries, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.