Video: Hailstorms, heavy rains, and flowing wadis in Oman

Energy Sunday 28/October/2018 16:29 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Northern governorates in Oman received rain on Sunday, with the Meteorology Department at the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) confirming the same.
"Occasional rain and thunderstorm are currently over the Al Hajar Mountain Range and adjacent areas, and Musandam governorate. Extends to the coastal areas of Sea of Oman," a statement read.
PACA had previously stated that a number of Oman's northern governorates would be affected by isolated rain and occasional thundershowers. According to authorities, this is due to a trough of low pressure that is developing over Oman, the effects of which will be felt from Friday, October 26 until Tuesday, October 30.
Musandam, Buraimi, Batinah, Al Dakhiliyah, Muscat, and Al Sharqiyah are the regions that are to be affected.
Meanwhile, the heavy rain in the wilayats of Rustaq, Awabi and Suwaiq led to the overflowing of wadis. Hail was also seen in the wilayat of Rustaq.
Extra officers and patrols have also been deployed near overflowing wadis and low lying areas in Musandam region for the safety of people, Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said: "This is part of the Musandam Police Command deploying police officers on roads and wadis after the rain the region had witnessed. Motorists are requested to be cautious while driving and not to risk their lives by crossing wadis and low-lying areas."