Ministry of Health launches city-wide anti-mosquito campaign
January 6, 2019 | 2:11 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Ministry of Health

Muscat: The Ministry of Health has announced the launch of a Muscat-wide campaign to eradicate the aedes aegypti mosquito, which is set to last from January 8-21, 2019.

The campaign, organised under the theme "We’ve started, let's get together", will launch under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Saidi, Minister of Health at Majlis Al Sayyidah Fatima bint Ali Mosque in North Al Hail.

The campaign is organised with the aim of eliminating the aedes aegypti mosquito, which has recently caused a number of dengue fever cases in the Governorate of Muscat.

The Ministry of Health and Municipality of Muscat, have finalised preparations for the campaign, which include training field teams to visit select households in Seeb, Bausher, and Muttrah.

According to a release by the authorities, the Ministry of Health and Municipality of Muscat calls upon all citizens and residents to activate the community role to eradicate breeding sites of aedes aegypti mosquito and to cooperate with the field teams involved in the Muscat campaign for aedes aegypti eradication when launched on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health and the Municipality of Muscat called on everyone to seek information from their reliable sources and ignore rumours. Citizens and residents can communicate with the Ministry of Health's Contact Centre and the Muscat Municipality Contact Centre for any queries.

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