Omani products expo to take place in Kenya next week

Business Saturday 20/October/2018 14:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani products expo to take place in Kenya next week

Muscat: The Organising Committee of Omani Products Exhibitions met recently with representatives of Omani companies and factories to brief them on the latest preparations’ updates for the ninth edition of Omani Products Exhibition (Opex 2018), which will take place next week in Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya. Speaking at the meeting, Ayman Al Hasani, the chairman of the organising committee, pointed out that the coming exhibition will be largest gathering of Omani companies under one umbrella in Nairobi, Kenya.
He added that the venue of the exhibition, Kenyatta International Convention Centre, will welcome more than 80 industrial and service companies, which have confirmed their participation so far. The companies represent different sectors such as natural resources, metals, wood products, manufacturing products, furniture, foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, fertilisers, plastics, perfume, leather, logistics servicces, in addition to the participation of a number of related governmental bodies and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Al Hasani noted that the exhibition will be divided according to sectors, with a pavilion dedicated specifically to up to 15 SMEs.
Al Hasani added that Kenya is one of the most countries in East Africa and Africa in general that is witnessing rapid economic growth. “Taking this into account, there would be opportunities for the Omani companies to export their products and establish trade partnerships in Kenya. We should note that Kenya is witnessing major development in infrastructure, which would also offer a great opportunity for the Omani companies operating in the construction sector to help meet the needs of the Kenyan market with necessary building materials. In fact, there are great opportunities for the Omani products to enter the markets of East and South Africa, as they enjoy great international quality and specifications,” Al Hasani said.
On the promotional campaign of the exhibition, Al Hasani noted that the event has been well promoted and marketed through social media, print media, and audio-visual media. Besides, booklets have been prepared on the Omani companies and their activities. “We have also invited a number of Kenyan officials and businessmen to visit the exhibition and meet with their counterparts from the Omani side. There will also be visits from heads of Chambers of Commerce in Kenya and its neighbouring countries,” he stated.
Kenya and its neighbouring markets enjoy promising markets like Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia. Additionally, Kenya has witnessed great development in terms of infrastructure and social life. Moreover, the economy of Kenya is based on agriculture (78 per cent). The main crops grown by Kenya include coffee, tea, banana, corn, rice, wheat, cotton, among others, as well as it relies on livestock grazing such as goats, cows, sheep and camels.Therefore, significant opportunities will be offered to the Omani companies to boost the presence of their products in the Kenyan market and its neighbouring markets alike.
Organised by a committee formed by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa) and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), the ninth edition of Opex this year aspires at exploring new opportunities for the Omani products in Kenya and its neighbouring markets.