Focus on raising awareness of females on rights, labour laws

Energy Wednesday 17/October/2018 21:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Focus on raising awareness of females on rights, labour laws

Muscat: On the occasion of Omani Women’s Day, the Ministry of Manpower has reaffirmed the strong position of women in the workplace.
Speaking at a seminar on the provisions of the labour law for women working in the private sector, Salim Al Badi, directorate general of labour welfare, said, “Government policies, plans and programmes embodied the participation of women in all fields.”
“Legislation has contributed to giving women all their rights, which helped them to play an important role in the development of Oman and to enhance their role in the various fields of life,” Al Badi added.
The event was organised under the patronage of Dr. Mona Al Jaradaniyah, Deputy Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, on the occasion of Omani Women’s Day.
The aim of the seminar was to increase female awareness over labour legislations, laws, rights and duties, and to create a real partnership between the three parties of production. Some 130 women from various private establishments participated in the seminar.
“The Ministry of Manpower has given importance to the rights of women working in the private sector through the Labour Law, which guarantees women workers’ rights in holidays, wages, working hours and others,” Al Badi said.
“It (the labour law) sets out a special section on the rules and provisions concerning the employment of women and fully conforms to international labour standards on an equal footing with men,” Al Badi added.
On the other hand, Muscat Municipality also celebrated Omani Women’s Day in recognition of the efforts of women doing municipal work in various fields.
The municipality released data regarding the number of women in Muscat Municipality.
The statistics showed that there are 390 female Omani employees working in Muscat Municipality, and their positions are distributed across various administrative and technical fields.
In the administrative posts, 166 female employees are employed in various positions, while 99 employees are employed in different sections of the art sector, 43 Omani women are employed in the health sector, 62 in finance, and some 20 in other areas.