There is no doubt that Oman is safe for women

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By: Times News Service
There is no doubt that Oman is safe for women

#ReadersResponse: Oman’s being ranked as the safest nation in the Arab world for visitors has not come as a shock to women living in the Sultanate, who say its reputation as a safe nation for all is well deserved. Oman was ranked second globally, in terms of being the safest nation for women, who say it is, by far, among the safest nations they have been to.
Regarding the ranking, Soumya Dasgupta, an Indian expat, said, “Oman has to be the safest place for people who visit the country, as the Omani people are very good. I am really grateful to Oman and the local people, as I have enjoyed my stay of 34 years, along with my family.”
Scottish expat Leanne Moore Ferguson was quick to agree, noting, “I’m delighted to be here living in this beautiful country. I love it here and feel very safe! So I’m curious why so many people say taxis are unsafe in Oman? I do not drive, so this is how I go out by myself with my children. Why are people saying it’s unsafe?
“I’ve only had one bad experience where a taxi driver got lost, but I didn’t know where I was going either, so it wasn’t really his fault and he was very apologetic to myself and my husband when we arrived at our destination,” she added. “Oman was and is a safe place to be, and I have lived here for almost 30 years,” said Mahija Madhu. “It is one of the best countries in the world, in terms of neatness and hospitality, and is also peaceful and tolerant. There are churches and temples here for people of different faiths, as well, so we do not feel we are far away from our native places. I truly love Oman.”
Maria Maddalena di Gaeta added, “Oman is very safe for people and is a beautiful country with gentle and kind people.” Men in the country also agreed with this ranking. Oman’s being ranked second, according to an Expat Insider survey, was based on its security and safety parameters, quality of life and cost of living, among others. “This is the safest country in the whole world,” said Chaminda Roshan, who hails from Sri Lanka. “I have been living here since 1996. All the Omani people are really good, kind and helpful, and they are very intelligent. We all respect His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for what he’s done for us.”
Tariq Hameed, who spent a quarter of a century in the Sultanate, added, “There’s no doubt about it. I spent 25 years in Oman and found it a very hospitable country. The Omani people are a very modest and friendly people, and Oman rapidly developed and became a safe country, and also one of the cleanest nations in the world, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Long live Oman.”
British expat Eric Huckvale voiced similar words. “We never felt unsafe or threatened on any of our visits,” he said. “The only thing that felt hazardous at times was the traffic.”
Voiet Borja added, “I love Oman so much. Oman is the friendliest host country in the Middle East for expats, or maybe in the whole world. I worked in Muscat before and I missed the beautiful people, the clean place, the food, the nice weather and the good leadership of HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said.”