2.5m seasonal flowers planted in Muscat

Energy Monday 11/January/2016 19:47 PM
By: Times News Service
2.5m seasonal flowers planted in Muscat

Muscat: The Directorate General of Planting and Gardens at the Muscat Municipality has finished planting two and a half million winter season flowers throughout the main streets, service roads, gardens, parks and public places.
The Muscat Municipality is paying more attention to the beautification and creation of green areas throughout Muscat. The Municipality also has an annual programme for the cultivation of flowers, based on different seasons and taking into consideration the temperature, salinity, and other factors.
Competent authorities in the Muscat Municipality are working on the periodic maintenance of flowers, including the maintenance of agriculture and the organic fertilisation programme.
In response to that, Ali Juma, a Muscat resident, welcomed the Muscat Municipality’s efforts in this direction. “Such work is highly respected by the public, especially as the public can see before their eyes the result of the Municipality programs,” said Juma.
He added that almost everybody visits such public places, especially families. The beautiful scenery found in such spots showcases the efforts made by the Muscat Municipality and its consideration of the public’s needs.