Luban: PACA chief extends thanks to emergency services

Energy Saturday 13/October/2018 19:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Luban: PACA chief extends thanks to emergency services

Muscat: The CEO of Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation has thanked all of the nation's emergency services for their preparedness in tackling tropical storm Luban.

"We praise God who has showed his mercy in the provinces of Dhofar and Wusta, and we appreciate the efforts made by all parties and people of both governorates to deal seriously with the publications and alerts issued by PACA for readiness and preparedness," said Ahmed Al Zaabi.

He added: "We are proud of the efforts of our colleagues at Oman Meteorology and follow up on the latest developments in the administrative situation.

"Our national cadres monitor this exceptional climate around the clock," said Al Zaabi. "We call on God to be the driver of good in the governorates of Dhofar and Wusta as well as Yemen and to preserve all."

Furthermore, a senior PACA official has asked his brothers and sisters in Yemen to stay safe from tropical storm Luban.

The storm is expected to make landfall in Yemen, with large parts of the Sultanate's Dhofar and Wusta Governorates receiving torrential rain and gusting wind.

"Hadhramout Governorate will be affected by direct impact of the storm from tonight, Sunday and Monday," said Abdullah Al Khadouri, a senior meteorologist at PACA and member of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's Tsunami Programme.

"We expect high amounts of rain on you while winds may exceed 90 kph."

"So you have to pay attention and caution and ask God to be merciful," he added.

"God preserve you my dear brothers. Without doubt, God bless you and the people of Hadhramout and Mahrah and all the people of Yemen. We ask God to do good for you wherever he is and to prevent you from harm."