Things to consider before you decide to change jobs

T-Mag Thursday 11/October/2018 10:34 AM
By: Times News Service
Things to consider before you decide to change jobs

A question that comes up at least once in a person’s professional life time is, “Is it time to change my job?” The reasons vary. Some want to do more. Earn more. Learn more. Others, are at a dead-end in their current job, and want to hit re-set and start over. And for some others, the question may just pop in their head when they’re piqued over an unpleasant incident in their workplace. Whatever the reason, making a decision to change jobs needs to be a well thought out move. Here are three questions to ask yourself, and help you think through this dilemma.
What is my professional worth?
For many of us, money is the key influencer behind this decision. Indeed, income is fundamental to work. Before considering a job change in the hope of earning extra money, research the average salary of someone with your competencies, experience, and background.
If you find you are being under paid in your current job, is the difference significant enough to provide you the impetus to navigate through the transition of starting over and re-establishing your value in your new job, regardless of the experience and accomplishments behind you? If you find you are being compensated fairly, or generously, do your other motivators (reasons to change your job) outshine this benefit.
What will it feel like?
A desire to change jobs is often fuelled by feelings. Feeling bored. Feeling under valued. Feeling under-utilised. Feeling stiffled. You may want to feel more empowered. Craving for professional freedom perhaps? Research the corporate culture in the market place. Find out about “how work gets done” in other organisations. Ask around at networking events. Meet with people who work in organisations you’d like to be a part of. Better yet, connect with those who have moved out of these organisations. Ask meaningful questions. Which positions and which organisations provide the opportunities to fulfill your hopes and expectations? If you can’t be sure, is it a risk worth taking? And yes, don’t forget to ask yourself if you have done enough in your present job to change how you feel about it.
What will I lose?
The intention behind this question is to help you fish out the negative consequences to changing your job. There is a popular saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Maybe. Maybe not. While you may have drawn up a list of potential benefits – better pay, better position, new skills, fresh perspective; it’s important to make a list of all that you will lose in the process. Strong work relationships, accumulation of service benefits, your working comfort zone, institutional knowledge which has made you invaluable, seniority privileges. The deeper you dive into the cons of changing jobs, the clearer you will be about the decision you must make.
So if you are thinking of a career move, think hard about these questions. Or else, what you think is a fabulous job offer today, may be your reason for wanting to change jobs again tomorrow.
Carolann Philips is an award winning, certified management coach and organizational development coach. She is also a talent developer, and etiquette & protocol consultant. She specialises in behavioural skill development and professional performance enhancement. Visit her at