Indian School Muscat’s walls turn into panorama of artistic expression overnight

Oman Tuesday 09/October/2018 21:21 PM
By: Times News Service
Indian School Muscat’s walls turn into panorama of artistic expression overnight

Muscat: The Fine Arts Department of Indian School Muscat had the exceptional opportunity to leave an aesthetic legacy for the school by accomplishing a graffiti project.
The walls of the school ground underwent an incredible metamorphosis into a panorama of artistic expression overnight.
The main thrust of the project was to enhance the splendour of the campus, as well as impart the essence of art to the students. The graffiti involved themes that showcased the culture and heritage of Oman, picturesque landscapes and abstract ideas.
The colour schemes and techniques adopted to compose the paintings are phenomenal. The graffiti work was a package of painstaking efforts, creative thinking and a sense of togetherness. The hard work involved in the graffiti is monumental. An exhilarated student, Anugraha Vinayan of 12 G, said, “Engaging in the graffiti work was indeed a beautiful experience through which I could portray my creative skills, understand the value of teamwork, as well as create golden memories.”
The students, as well as the teachers not only spent arduous hours during school but also continued to work meticulously after school hours for some two weeks finishing approximately 7,200 square feet of graffiti work. “It was a beautiful experience to be a part of this wonderful graffiti project. We are all really proud to leave a part of our work on the lovely school walls! It is a memory to cherish forever,” observed Amritha Prakash, a class 12 G student. Yeldo. T. Ouseph, the Teacher Coordinator of the graffiti work, stated, “A wall is a very good medium to express human thoughts. School grounds are a far more interesting place to have art than in an art gallery or museum. Artists make a mark by opening an art gallery from the empty spaces of a wall.”
Monera Al Busaidi, one of the participants in the project, was still amazed. “The graffiti which we made was absolutely amazing. We didn’t expect such a wonderful outcome after all the efforts. The teachers who guided us are the reasons we cooperated in a good way,” she said.
Creative horizons
Undoubtedly, this experience helped students expand their creative horizons, work under professional guidance, develop creative thinking and cooperate with fellow students. The teachers were able to sow the seeds of passion and professional ethics among the students. The ability of the entire team to revolutionise their ideas is a unique skill.
According to Ancila Paul, “Working on the graffiti was a wonderful and enriching experience. We have learned how to collaborate with each other, taking tips and advice from our fine arts teachers. The work that goes into creating a piece of art requires a large amount of mental and physical energy.” The overall experience helped in constructing a clear path for future artists who wish to make an impact on the world. The students were encouraged to break free and were given the freedom to work the way they wanted to, under the able guidance of their dedicated teachers.
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Chauhan, Principal, Indian School Muscat, summed it up and said, “Having colourful surroundings makes our day brighter. Feasting our eyes on this colourful graffiti is the best way to begin a day at the school. Working with the fine arts students, we were excited to be painting our school walls. We considered a lot of things before we began the work.” The graffiti team consisted of Sajeev M.D, H.O.D, Fine Arts Department; teachers of the art department Ouseph, Maneesh Mani, Anant T.K. Subramanian, Manikandan Govindaraji and the fine arts students of classes XI
and XII.