Muscat Airport planning to improve flow of traffic

Oman Tuesday 02/October/2018 22:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Airport planning to improve flow of traffic

Muscat: Oman Airports has announced plans to improve traffic flow through Muscat International Airport, starting with a series of trials.
Visitors have been urged to use their services and consider other customers when dropping off and picking up loved ones.
Simple precautions
An official at Oman Airports said, “We’d like visitors to take simple precautions: learn about flights beforehand and make sure you’re there on time. We have services that are designed to streamline the process for visitors. Also, when you have a large amount of luggage, it might be best to park and leave the drop-off area free for others with lighter loads to use.”
In a statement, Muscat Airports announced, “We are working on improving our traffic flow through the airport for a better customer experience. For this purpose, we are carrying out a series of trials, where we are redirecting traffic to the most suitable parking areas.”
The first trials took place on Tuesday, October 2, between 9am and 1pm and the other on Sunday, October 7, between 7.30pm and 11pm.
“During these times, all visitors intending to pick up passengers will be redirected to our car parks, P1 and P2,” the statement said.
This came in response to minor traffic issues for those attempting to pick up and drop off passengers during peak hours.
Drop-off and pick-up
The official added, “We asked customers how to better streamline the drop-off and pick-up process. Some said they had trouble accessing the concourse to drop off and pick up their loved ones. We have not had something as dramatic as people parking where they’re not supposed to, but there have been delays that caused issues with traffic flow.”
Visitors will be able to park for up to 15 minutes free of charge after which normal rates will apply.