Video: Omani-British joint military exercise begins today

Energy Monday 01/October/2018 13:38 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Over 70, 000 Omani personnel and 5,500 British soldiers are set to participate in the national exercise Al-Shomokh 2 and the joint military exercise Saif Saree 3, which began today.
The two exercise are considered to be "the largest field exercise in the history of the Sultans Armed Forces”, according to Lieutenant General Al Nabhani, Chief of Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.
Al Shomoukh 2 will be carried out by the Sultanate's Royal Armed Forces, other departments of the Ministry of Defence and the military and security force. The exercise will be immediately followed by the joint Omani-British military exercise Saif Saree 3 which will run until the end of the month.
Talking about the activities of the exercise, Lt. Gen Al Nabhani said, “The exercise will test [participants] in order to train [them at] all strategic levels such as the operational level and the tactical level. Participants will activate all lines of influence such as diplomatic, economic, information, and military lines to achieve the objective of the exercise.
"The number of participants in the exercise reached more than (70) thousand participants from the Sultanate from various military, security and civil bodies. On the side of the Royal British Armed Forces, more than 5,500 British soldiers are set to participate,” Al Nabhani added.
"This exercise is an important opportunity to develop national capabilities in dealing with various issues, whether related to military and security operations or those related to the roles and functions of civil government institutions," said the Chief of Staff of the Sultans Armed Forces.
The Said Saree 3 with the British forces is an extension of the previous series of exercises according to the joint training plan between the Omani and British side, as well as another series of military and security exercises carried out by the Sultanate throughout the year, with sister countries or other friendly countries.

Video courtesy: Exs_SH2_SS3/Twitter