New groundwater recharge dam to be built in Oman

Energy Monday 01/October/2018 11:01 AM
By: Times News Service
New groundwater recharge dam to be built in Oman

Muscat: The Al Ayoon groundwater recharge dam in Al Mudhaibi has just received a construction order from the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.
According to a statement by the ministry, "A construction order [has been made] for Al Ayoon dam in Al Mudhaibi, North Sharqiyah in order to boost and feed water resources."
The dam will be able to hold 734,000 cubic metres of water, and has a maximum height of 5.5 metres with a length of 2.86 kilometres. It will be constructed with treated soft soil and a border of sand and stones.
The statement added, "This dam will help feed underground water storage in order to boost water resources in the area, which will also benefit aflaj and wells in the surrounding villages."