Clampdown on stores selling used car tyres

Energy Monday 01/October/2018 09:29 AM
By: Times News Service
Clampdown on stores selling used car tyres

Muscat: Municipal authorities in Muscat have found a number of companies and stores selling used tyres, an illegal practice in Oman.
A statement from Muscat Municipality said, “The Urban Inspection Department of Muscat Municipality in Bausher found and dealt with companies in the area of Misfah for their storage and recycling of unlicensed car tyres. This act is contrary to the laws and regulations of the local market regulation.”
“These companies also did not have a municipal licence for the work they were doing, beyond the issue of reselling old tyres,” a municipal official added.
In 2014, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection issued orders regarding car tyres to ensure the safety of consumers.
The first and second articles of the order prohibited the sale, marketing, auctioning, and distribution of used car tyres of all sizes and types, as well as the same for unused car tyres that were produced two years before the date of sale.
Furthermore, article three states, “The supplier must provide the consumer a guarantee of no less than one year from the date of sale.”
On a written receipt, consumers should also find the country and date of manufacture, and heat resistance and appropriate velocities for the use of the car tyre.
Suppliers, according to this order, should also dispose of used tyres. Should they fail to comply with these regulations, they will be penalised in accordance with existing consumer protection laws.