Finding the perfect travel souvenir for your loved ones

Lifestyle Tuesday 25/September/2018 18:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Finding the perfect travel souvenir for your loved ones

A souvenir gives an insight into the different culture and history of countries. Tourists like to buy interesting things that they see during their vacations. It is natural for any traveller to buy souvenirs. Sometimes they are distinctive, and at other times they are downright awkward.
Many prefer to buy T-shirts as souvenir. People prefer to buy these cheap souvenirs rather than the high quality mementos found in the stores. These remind the wearer of the destination. Most of these items are abundantly found in street markets, museum shops, and independent stores. Some tourists love collecting bottles filled with cobras, root crops, and herbs. However, many of these souvenirs aren’t allowed to be carried back home so check the legalities and rules.
If you want to buy unique keepsakes for your friends and loved ones back home follow this basic souvenir buying guide.
1 Wherever your destination may be
If you want to get back home with a souvenir that truly captures the taste of the destination and the cultures of the locals, try to hit all shops and markets where the locals typically spend their time. Alternatively, do a quick evaluation by asking some of the locals where to buy the best souvenir in town.

2 Do not be afraid to spend on these mementos
There are weird and strange items you can find in different places, and the local people do not even know that such items are good for keepsake. Notice the price difference in stores and the local markets.

3 Ignore the unattractive packages
When you find an old looking and dusty bottle or a jar in the stall, try to repackage the item. You can also buy local fabric for gift-wrap or change into divider hangings, throw pillows, or drapes. Be wise enough and save money when you are that keen in buying a souvenir. Being friendly also has its advantages, where you can go to places where the locals sell cheap but authentic items.