'Photography changed my view and sense of everything'

Energy Sunday 23/September/2018 15:55 PM
By: Times News Service
'Photography changed my view and sense of everything'

At a young age, and in the three years since he entered the world of photography, this young Omani photographer has won three awards for his graphic works.

“Photography changed my life,” he said. Fifteen year old Adnan Al Mujini started learning the basics of photography in 2015 during a training course at the Child Care Centre conducted by professional photographer Ahmed Al Hosani.

Al Mujini recalled, “When I joined the course I did not have any interest or idea about the photography field. Like most people, I took pictures randomly by phone without interest in the photos’ beauty or quality. During the workshop, and when I saw the photographs taken by the coach, I felt that I could be part of this world and I could reach the coach-level in photography.”

Adnan twice won the FIAP Youth Digital Biennale, in 2017 and 2018, and he won the Youth Photography contest 2017 for photographers under age 15 years.


“I never imagined that I would achieve all these successes in the field of photography in this short period. I want to thank my teachers and my friends on the Sawarah team who supported me,” he said.

“Teacher Ahmed taught me the basics of photography, and he always follows my work and corrects my mistakes,” said Adnan.

“Photography increased my self-confidence and changed my view and sense of everything around me. I became more attentive about the small details and colours. I noticed that clearly in my choice of clothes and the coordination of colours, which I learned from the photography,” he noted.

Due to the change that Adnan noticed in his life after entering the world of photography, he invites all professionals and those who are talented in photography and other fields to teach others and share their experiences with them.

Adnan went on to say, “I call on parents to take care of their children’s talent, besides caring for their children’s education, because talent is an essential part of a child’s personality and should not be marginalised.” — [email protected]