Brexiteers start 'chuck Chequers' campaign against May's plans

World Tuesday 18/September/2018 16:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Brexiteers start 'chuck Chequers' campaign against May's plans

London: Brexiteers who support a clean break with the European Union have launched a nation-wide advertising campaign in an attempt to force Prime Minister Theresa May to ditch her Brexit proposals.
The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on March 29 yet still riven by disagreements over Brexit: Supporters of EU membership are calling for another referendum while many Brexit supporters say May is being far too weak in divorce talks.
The Brexit-supporting Leave Means Leave group has taken out advertisements in 30 regional newspapers across Britain that dismiss May's so-called Chequers proposals as "same old, same old".
"We have relaunched the Leave campaign and we will stop at nothing to ensure the Prime Minister chucks Chequers and delivers Brexit in its entirety," Richard Tice, Vice-Chairman of Leave Means Leave, said.
"Leave Means Leave will be engaging with as many people across the country to ensure Project Fear is torn apart so that the economic benefits of Brexit are revealed." May's proposals, named for a country house where they were hashed out in July, call for free trade of goods with the EU, with Britain accepting a "common rulebook" that would apply to those goods.
Supporters of a decisive Brexit say that would leave Britain subject to decisions in Brussels without any input.