Muscat varsity to launch centre on cybersecurity

Energy Monday 17/September/2018 21:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat varsity to launch centre on cybersecurity

Muscat: As part of the continuous efforts of the Muscat University to enrich the educational experience in the Sultanate, the university succeeded in forming a unique partnership with both the National Security Services Group and the Templar Executives to establish a Cybersecurity Education Centre in the Sultanate.
Templar Executives will provide accredited training courses to be attended by elite experts in the field.
This was revealed during a festive ceremony held recently at Muscat University in the presence of Professor Yusra bint Ali Al Mouzughi, Vice-Chancellor of Muscat University and Chief Executive Officer of the National Security Services Group and representatives of the British Embassy in Oman.
This partnership is a new addition to the advancement of the Cybersecurity Education basis in the Sultanate, making it available to all and meeting the needs of the various executive, technical and academic levels.
In addition, understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) announced in the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union is crucial to identifying its impacts on any entity dealing with individuals, companies or other establishments in these countries, irrespective of their geographical location.
This regulation is not limited to the borders of the UK and the European Union, but also includes all other parties directly associated with them and within the regulatory framework.
This means that the same provisions and penalties will apply to them; thus the GDPR awareness courses are of great importance to all those wishing to continue working with the UK and EU, as it will contribute to inducting the person taking the course to the holistic framework of GDPR
and how it transcends intercontinentally.
In this respect, Professor Yusra bint Ali Al Mouzughi, Vice-Chancellor of the University, said, “Muscat University has the sound vision, fundamental requirements and facilities to host and present such important and modern courses in the Sultanate; thus, the University in cooperation with its partners will design the various training programmes in the field of cybersecurity to maximise the benefits of the Omani society in particular and the region in general. It will contribute to increasing the level of awareness and full understanding of the cybersecurity concept.”
On its part, the National Security Services Group, in a statement, highlighted the existing partnership and explained: “We are proud of this partnership today, and we were able to build a successful constructive relationship with the relevant establishments and establish a specialised platform in this field that will provide the beneficiaries with the necessary skills and capabilities to meet potential challenges.”
It should be noted that the services of the Cybersecurity Centre will cater to all levels and provide an opportunity to organisations and students to enroll in upcoming technical, executive and academic courses.