Oman Tourism: Alila Spa offers an out-of-this-world experience

Lifestyle Tuesday 12/April/2016 18:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Tourism: Alila Spa offers an out-of-this-world experience

At the top of the beautiful Jebel Akhdar Mountains, lies camouflaged a conglomerate of ancient stone infrastructures, which is known to the Sultanate as Alila Jabal Akhdar. The place is a paradise away from the cities and towns which brings one closer to nature by all means, revitalising your senses and rejuvenating your mind and body.
Amongst the various attractions and recreations the place has to offer, one thing that teleported me to another dimension altogether was the magical Alila spa. I walked into the huge reception of the spa where the attendant took me through the various treatments they have to offer, after which I was asked to wait at the cosy waiting area. I was observing everything around me there, taking in the beauty and the feel of the place, wondering how ancient or brand new the showpieces neatly placed in the big wooden showcase were. The terracotta vessels, the Omani souvenirs, and little jars of smoked rose water spoke volumes about the culture and livelihood of the locals.
On the coffee table were three earthen bowls of frankincense, juniper berries, and basil leaves along with a number of other beauty and cosmetic products such as body lotions, face creams and lip balms that were all special Alila products made in Bali. While I was skimming through the pages of the spa menu that was also on the table, a lady came up to me offering a hot and spicy cup of ginger lemon tea which I sipped at taking my own time, and feeling the warmth as it went down my oesophagus. I was then escorted by my masseuse into what looked like a mystique maze to me. The overwhelming smell and walls with the huge wall paintings lead me finally to my massage room. As soon as I stepped into the place, I knew this is exactly where I want to be; it was probably because of the energy and aura that exuberated from the little room or just the feeling of relaxation that had been building up since the past half hour.
I was asked to soak my legs in a bucket filled with warm water and rock salts after which my limbs were moistened with a wet towel. I had opted for the therapeutic massage which focused on my pressure points and neck, back, and shoulders. The soothing music, the skilled hands of my masseuse who was trained in anatomical physiology, and the sweet smelling, warm feeling massage oils apparated me to a whole new relaxed, stress-free world.
I tried hard not to doze off during the 60 minute, luxury treatment so I could experience the whole therapy to its fullest. After the dreamy hour, I had to leave this dip lit haven and go back to the world I belong to, which fortunately was still within the premises of Alila. My skin felt healthy, fresh and my mind was completely relaxed. When I was thanking my masseuse for the magic of her hands is when she told me about the secret massage ingredients that made the experiences perfect. In the massage rooms of Alila, they use three special oils; the relaxing oil which acts as a warm up oil for the body, the purifying oil which contains mandarin and grapefruit which detoxifies and solves the problem of dry skin, and the signature oil that contains lemon grass that eases muscle tension. It has been over two weeks since the massage but the effect still remains.
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