New system to monitor school buses launched in Oman

Oman Monday 11/April/2016 21:37 PM
By: Times News Service
New system to monitor school buses launched in Oman

Muscat: A new system that keeps track of public school buses was launched yesterday by Dr Madiha bint Ahmed Al Shibaniyah, the Minister of Education, according to an official at the Ministry of Education.
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The system was introduced to ensure safety of school students.
The official said the ministry is testing the new system called Darb Al Salama (Safe Journey), in three schools now and would cover other public schools in the future. “This system has been introduced at three public schools, Um Kalthom in Al Batinah North, Khaula Bint Al Yaman in Quriyat, and Al Ula in Bausher, and in the coming academic years, the Ministry of Education is planning to introduce in all public schools in Oman.
“We can’t say it will be effective in the coming academic year, but the ministry’s vision is to introduce the new system as soon as possible so that it covers the entire country in the future,” said Abdullah Al Jardani, an official at the Ministry of Education.
The system includes the installation of four cameras outside the bus to monitor the bus circumference and two cameras inside the bus to monitor the students inside the bus.
The system also includes the installation of eight sensors in the front and back of the bus to monitor everything surrounding the bus, which produces sound and lighting to alert the bus driver.
The system is also connected with a GPS device to monitor the bus route, where the device can save the data from digital cameras and sensors and broadcast it directly to those authorised within the school via the internet, allowing the school to see all the trip details directly and allow them to ensure that there is no student left inside the bus after being stopped.
The Ministry also explained that the system will be connected with the parents’ cell phone alerting them about the arrival of their children at home and school.
The Ministry is planning huge media campaigns to spread awareness in the public and educate them about the new system.
The ministry move has been highly welcomed by the public through social media.