#OmanPride: Italian journalist showcases Oman’s beauty, tolerance

More sports Monday 11/April/2016 21:13 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Italian journalist showcases Oman’s beauty, tolerance

Muscat: Journalist Antonella Appiano is dedicating herself to tackling the misrepresentation of Arab and Islamic culture in the Western society, by sharing a beautiful gallery of Oman’s nature, and ‘real’ stories about its religious tolerance.
The independent researcher, analyst and writer, told the Times of Oman in an exclusive interview that after covering the war in Syria and refugees’ conflict in Iraqi Kurdistan, she has finally found a home in Oman.
“What makes Oman special is its rich history, beautiful nature, the outstanding mixture of ancient traditions and modernity, and, of course, the wisdom if its leader,” said the Italian journalist.
Asked about her favourite picture taken in the Sultanate, Appiano revealed that a picture of three innocent children in Musandam was easily among her top photographs.
“They were smiling at me and pointing at my head while childishly crying ‘your hair is gold!’ I loved that moment and pulled out my Canon EOS 1000D to take their picture” she said.
Appiano revealed that she will soon launch her new interactive e-book entitled, “Syria calling,” which will be available for online purchase from April 28 in English and Italian.
It is worth mentioning that Appiano’s research and academic studies include the Arabic world and the Middle East area, Islam, multiculturalism and interfaith dialogue.
As a digital journalist, she is utilising a variety of social media platforms to promote Oman to Europe, Italy in particular.
“The people in my country are misinformed when it comes to the Middle East, and I feel that it is my job to take a stand and try to present the real face of the region instead of the western media’s propaganda,” Appiano said, adding that she is amazed by the Sultanate’s international role in building bridges between countries, such as the United States and Iran.
Quoting Polish journalist and poet, Ryszard Kapuściński, Appiano said a journalist can’t forget the humanity and the meeting people he meets.
In May 2012, she was named the Ambassador for the Associazione Telefono Rosa for her meritorious work in creating, through her career in journalism, a connection between Western and Middle-Eastern women; also in 2012, during the Nettuno Photo Festival 2012, she was awarded with the Premio “Giornalismo come impegnocivile.”
She has also received other awards and recognitions, such as the “Premiod’Orta” in 1997 for notable television personalities, Premio “Castagnad’oro” in 2002 and 2005, and Premio “Alfieri di Asti,” annually assigned to art, culture and journalism personalities of Piedmontese origins.