Dar Al Atta’a plans to repair 100 houses hit by Cyclone Mekunu

Energy Tuesday 04/September/2018 20:42 PM
By: Times News Service
Dar Al Atta’a plans to repair 100 houses hit by Cyclone Mekunu

Muscat: Dar Al Atta’a urged all residents, citizens, private and public sectors to come forward and help with the restoration of houses affected by Cyclone Mekunu in the region of Dhofar.
“The response so far has been great and the organisation has collected some OMR433,000 to help restore the affected houses in Dhofar,” said Eman Al Wahaibi, Vice Chairperson at Dar Al Atta’a.
“However, the money will only help with the reconstruction of 40 houses as we have allocated OMR10,000 per house and our target is 100 houses. Therefore, in this regard, we request everyone to come forward and be a part of our campaign ‘Together for Oman’,” Al Wahaibi said.
She added that the organisation has gotten in touch with local construction companies in Dhofar, who will also benefit from this drive by getting business.
Dar Al Atta’a conducted two site visits to the Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates, where it inspected the affected houses and families in a number of wilayats to evaluate the damages, which were caused by Mekunu.
As a result, the association has taken up the responsibility of the maintenance and reconstruction of 40 houses in the wilayat of Mirbat but aims to reach the target of 100 houses.
Bushra Al Balushi, Marketing Executive at Dar Al Atta’a, informed that the funds will be collected until the end of the year.
“All those who are willing to donate to this cause can submit the money directly to Dar Al Atta’a in Bausher, make an e-donation through the website on the Information Technology Authority, or transfer money through Bank Muscat’s account number 0315003966850059,” Al Balushi said. She added that the association was very grateful to all shareholders, supporters and donors, including the Ministry of Social Development, Oman Telecommunication Company, Majan College, and Oxy Oman Employees, for their endless cooperation towards the campaign.