Muttrah Souq fire protection project work nearing completion

Energy Monday 27/August/2018 22:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Muttrah Souq fire protection project work nearing completion

Muscat: Progress of work on the fire risks protection systems project was reviewed by Eng. Mohsin bin Mohammed Al Sheikh, president of Muscat Municipality when he visited the Muttrah Souq on Monday.
He also saw the locations covered by the system, and was apprised of the technologies and mechanism of the system. Work on the project is nearing completion.
He visited vegetable and fishes market at Muttrah too and got acquainted with services available in this modern building and saw the additional facilities constructed there for visitors. Additional car parking for the visitors are also being planned.
He also visited the pier for fishermen to be acquainted with observations and citizens’ demands which serve the public interest.
At the Directorates of Muscat Municipality at Amerat and Quriyat, he inspected projects and visited the new building of the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality at Quriyat to review the preparations ahead of its inauguration.