Over 12,000 livestock slaughtered in Muscat during Eid

Energy Monday 27/August/2018 21:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Over 12,000 livestock slaughtered in Muscat during Eid

Muscat: More than 12,000 livestock were slaughtered at the municipal slaughterhouse during Eid Al Adha in Muscat Governorate and 27 of them were destroyed for not being fit enough for human consumption.
The Muscat Municipality pointed out that the total number of different types of livestock slaughtered in the municipal slaughterhouses during the Eid Al Adha period this year amounted to 12,408.
“The municipality has intensified its efforts to conduct work efficiently and ensure quality in the provision of services, especially with the expectations during Eid,” the municipality said.
The municipality has set up a series of technical and administrative procedures to facilitate the slaughterhouse services to save consumers’ time, with an emphasis on veterinary tests for sacrifice before and after slaughter.
Veterinary tests have resulted in the destruction of 27 sheep because they were not fit for human consumption.
The Muscat Municipality commends the role of the beneficiaries in maintaining the organisation of the work process and complying with the instructions published by the municipality through their accounts on social media.
The municipality added, “The instructions include the importance of consumers abiding by the rules of slaughter in slaughterhouses, which offer safe health services for the safety of the beneficiaries.”
and reducing the pressure on the services offered by slaughterhouses during Eid Al Adha, so that the teams manage to deal with overcrowding and take the necessary measures to run the work according to a system of integrated performance.”