This year sees the best Khareef season so far

Oman Saturday 18/August/2018 18:54 PM
By: Times News Service
This year sees the best Khareef season so far

This year the promotional campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Tourism were successful in attracting a large number of visitors to Salalah Khareef, the best one so far thus making Dhofar governorate the most prominent summer tourist destination of the Arab world. Highlighting this year’s programmes, Marhoon bin Said bin Mubarak Al Ameri, Director General of Tourism in Dhofar governorate, said that the ministry had made an extensive plan for the promotional campaigns. It hosted some famous Arab satellite news channels to report on Khareef and also urged people to visit Salalah and enjoy Khareef.
Social media influencers of the Gulf region were also hosted by the ministry. The ministry presented the programme “Guest of Khareef” that hosted some of the prominent Gulf personalities who have influential accounts in social media with millions of followers.
A number of programmes like Ushsh Safari on MBC3 were produced for family viewership.
As part of its efforts to promote the tourist season, the ministry invited famous Kuwaiti traveller Mohammed Al Maimouni to visit Dhofar governorate who is owner of the most popular tourist social media account in the Arab world ‘Jawlat Haulal Aalam’ (Travel around the World). Saudi traveller Mishal bin Majid, owner of the popular social media travel account also participated in the drive.
Al Ameri also said that preparations were underway, in cooperation with tourism partners, to launch promotional offers after the end of the festival. He said: “The Directorate General of Tourism in Dhofar governorate wants to launch a marketing campaign to promote post-festival season till September 21, 2018, when tourists’ movement weakens.
“Talks with aviation companies and hotel establishments are underway. There is also an effort with local, regional, and international organisations to use this period to hold conferences and meetings in Salalah city.”
Regarding the awareness programmes organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Marwan bin Abdul Hakim Al Ghassani, Director of Tourism Promotions in the Directorate General of Tourism in Dhofar governorate, said: “Prior to the beginning of the Khareef season, the directorate carried out tourism awareness programmes in partnership with the Directorate General of Education in Dhofar governorate.
These programmes included several activities such as lectures in schools, awareness tours about the nature of the tour guide, cleaning campaigns and cultural competitions.
A number of sanitisation campaigns were also carried out for a number of tourist sites under the slogan, “Our environment our responsibility”.
This was as part of the preparations of receiving guests for the season in cooperation with an environmental company and tourism partners.
Coinciding with the beginning of the Khareef season, a tourist awareness campaign was launched, in cooperation with the Oman LNG Development Foundation, to spread messages and guidelines for the use of roads and taking caution during rains, fog and traffic rules and regulations.
The campaign also focused most importantly about protection of environment, green areas, public facilities and warnings of the dangers of swimming during the Khareef season.
There is also intense awareness campaign during peak time of the season. For the purpose, advertisement boards were used in all vital points.
The directorate general of tourism in Dhofar governorate provided logistic support and coordinated in the national campaign for child safety to educate tourists about the importance of providing safe seats for children in vehicles.
It also cooperated with the Ministry of Health in a health education campaign titled ‘My tourism my health: Your health to enjoy your tour’ at Salalah Airport to create awareness about their safety and health as a guarantee for their visit.
The directorate also took care of maintenance of all the sign boards which were affected by the climatic conditions in Dhofar governorate.
In addition to this, new sign boards have also been installed in some locations, such as before the turning of the new road leading to the Al Reneif cave area and the natural fountains, also before the turning of the road leading to Kur fountain.
Al Ghassani said: The ministry also supported the initiative “Khareef of Dhofar through Omani Lenses” between July 3 and July 8, 2018. This initiative was participated by a group of distinguished photographers of the Sultanate.
They included professional photographers from the Oman Photography Association. The initiative was for promotion of tourism in the Khareef season of Dhofar in 2018.
This campaign was a huge success, and was largely welcomed. It reached to the entire Gulf region through its photographs, video clips, and information messages with all its richness.
About tourism activities, Al Ghassani said: “The ministry, in cooperation with the Salalah Gardens Mall, carried out the Eid Al Fitr celebrations for two days during Eid holidays in the mall. These activities were both for children and adults.”
He added: “Preparations are currently underway to carry out various activities during the holiday of Eid Al Adha at Ittin ground. These activities include an exhibition for productive families, an exhibition for craftsmen to sell their handicrafts, short theatre performances, folk dance, competitions for adults and children, costumes, cartoon characters, and Omani traditional dress shows”.