Where to go this week

T-Mag Wednesday 15/August/2018 20:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Where to go this week

Thursday 16.8.2018
01.00pm Weekend Getaway

Wash the week’s stress by starting your weekend at one of the resorts in Oman. Enjoy the peace and tranquility; far away from the daily hustle-bustle. This might be the perfect start to your holidays.

Friday 17.8.2018
10.00am Health is Wealth

Go for a full body health check-up with your whole family or attend important health related sessions happening across town.

Saturday 18.8.2018
12.00pm Brunch and Munch

Grab a few friends and head to a super chill restaurant for a weekend brunch with a few hours of food, fun, and chatter.

Sunday 19.8.2018
6.00am Beach Run

Begin your week by going for a long jog by the beach in Oman. Doesn’t matter, where you stay. A beach can’t be too far away anyway.

Monday 20.8.2018
6.30pm Startup Meet

People with an existing up-and-running business or people starting up a new business can gather and learn from each other in startup meets.

Tuesday 21.8.2018
9.00am Get Artsy

Attend a stencil making, canvas painting, or calligraphy workshop and flaunt your creative skills on paper.

Wednesday 22.8.2018
9.00am A Mwasalat Ride

Try taking the Mwasalat bus and experience the ride if you haven’t before.

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