Get organised and stop wasting time

Lifestyle Wednesday 15/August/2018 18:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Get organised and stop wasting time

Claim back the time you waste looking for lost bills, papers, and receipts. Organising paperwork can save you up to two weeks a year in lost time. Follow these simple tips to start saving time today.
Can you imagine more productive or fulfilling things you could spend an hour a day doing? All that wasted time over the span of a year adds up to a full two weeks of time lost. In today’s busy world there are other things you would chose to spend those two weeks doing. Spare yourself from the frustration of looking for papers, receipts, bills, and other files; start organising paperwork today.
Start organising your home office with these simple steps. You will need a bag for papers to be recycled, a bag for papers to be shredded, and a box for papers to keep. Next get started. Divide all of your papers into these three categories.
Take a good look at what you are keeping and what you recycle and shred. Chances are you can shred and recycle more than you think. Don’t fill your space with unneeded papers, this will only make organising paperwork more time consuming. To stop paper from piling up from now on keep a paper shredder under your desk. With a shredder under your desk the “to be shredded” papers are disposed of right away.
Set your office up for success. Two things are shown to be important through research to saving that hour of time a day. First be able to find any paper in 30 seconds or less. Second you need to be able to easily put away papers coming into your office. Make this happen by planning a system that is easy to use and also easy to maintain. It’s important that your system work for you.
Start by stopping the junk mail. You can decide what you want to keep coming in the mail. Save your time and save natural resources by eliminating the amount of junk mail you have to deal with everyday. Organising paperwork can be faster and easier if you have to deal with less paper. A key to keeping your office organised is a simple efficient filing system. Your system should be straightforward and easy to use so you will be able to keep it up and continue to use it. Think about this when planning your filing system.
Lastly leave time out of your day everyday to keep up your filing system; it only needs to be a few minutes a day.
That hour a day of searching for lost papers has been voted the biggest burden for small businesses. Spare yourself this burden by organising paperwork in your home office and keeping it that way. Begin reclaiming your two weeks of time now with both a fast filing system and organised home office.