Omani brothers invent anti-drone device

Energy Saturday 25/August/2018 20:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani brothers invent anti-drone device

Muscat: Two Omani brothers have created a device to disable commercial drones.
The Anti-Drone Gun SG2 was invented by brothers Issa and Adnan Al Shuaili, who established the Tayyar System Company.
The gun remotely disables commercial drones and could provide the much needed solution to police forces, airports and security agencies trying to prevent airborne devices from flying into prohibited areas such as airports and military bases.
Oman Technology Fund (OTF) helped fund the brothers’ Tayyar System Company by investing US$100,000 and providing training programmes from Silicon Valley experts.
“The anti-drone gun disables commercial drones immediately by sending electromagnetic waves and disrupting communication, live transmission and navigation, which prevents users from receiving any information from satellites, causing the drone to fall,” Issa Al Shuaili, operation manager at Tayyar, said.
“It took one year to manufacture the gun, and procedures are still underway to secure a patent,” Al Shuaili added. “What distinguishes our gun from other anti-drone guns in the market, is its small size; it is lightweight and highly efficient.”
One of the reasons OTF invested in Tayyar, was to encourage the skills and innovation of Omani youth. “The highly technical skills that young Omanis have, is one of the reasons we invested in them. In addition, this product follows the path of the fourth revolution, which involves technology. Another reason is that the market size will help in the prevalence of the product,” Al Harthy added.
The company also produced a flight blocking device called SAAQ portable, and is currently working on developing a third type of anti-drone gun.
“We recently produced the SG3 Anti-Drone Gun; its main advantage is its waterproof feature, a range of up to 3km and a long battery life,” Adnan Al Shuaili, Tayyar Systems Chief Executive Officer, said.
Referring to whether or not there is a global market for this type of device, Al Harty said, “Yes, there is a market for this product. We have agreements with Korea, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to provide opportunities for young Omanis to expand their products, and to help them attend international conferences to showcase their innovations and products.”
Tayyar Systems Company was established in March 2016. In addition to the backing from OTF, the company is also supported by Al Raffd Fund.