Al Baleed Archaeological Site: Remnants of an Ancient City

Oman Saturday 11/August/2018 18:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Baleed Archaeological Site: Remnants of an Ancient City

Steeped in history, Salalah is often visited by many not just for the rains and the greenery but also for its rich history. Al Baleed Archaeological Site is one such place of historical importance. This Unesco World Heritage Site is a must place to visit in Salalah. Located in the coastal area of Salalah between Dhariz and Hafa, Al Baleed is one of the ancient cities of Oman and was known to be one of an important commercial port.
Heaps of rubbles can be found scattered all around the main site where the excavation work is still under process. As you pass through a gate from the road you can enter the archaeological park where you can take a leisurely stroll. And if walking is difficult you can hire the easily available golf carts to explore the site. Don’t forget to read the information boards that are placed in strategic corners. Written both in English and Arabic, this information can guide the visitors more about the place.
One can see many artefacts displayed in the nearby Museum of Frankincense Land. These artefacts had been excavated from Al Baleed, Sumuharam and Ash Shisr. Several replicas of old boats and ships are also on display and one can learn the history of old Omani boats. The museum also houses various instruments along with the utensils that were widely used in earlier times.
And though the archaeological park remains closed at night, don’t miss seeing the beauty of the place as it is well-lit up in the night.