Buraimi residents learn basic lessons of sign language

Energy Tuesday 07/August/2018 21:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Buraimi residents learn basic lessons of sign language

Muscat: A workshop to teach the first phase of the basics of sign language was held at the Deaf Club of Al Buraimi this week.
Mohammed Al Ghafri, who is a member of the deaf community, organised the workshop.
“The workshop was held because of a great need for the community’s members to learn sign language,” said Ahmed Al Blushi, a sign language translator.
Some 10 people between the ages of 12 and 40 participated in the workshop. “It is the policy of the club to promote sign language in order to enable the society to communicate with the deaf,” Al Blushi added.
The club was founded in February 2012 for hearing-impaired individuals. The club currently has 65 members.
The head of the club is Mohammed Al Blushi, who is a member of the deaf community.
The club was established by voluntary initiatives and the participation of volunteers from among the people of the wilayat of Al Buraimi. During the workshop, the participants interacted extensively with each other; some of the basics that the volunteers were taught included the definition of sign language, sign language methods, letters of the alphabet, Arabic numbers, weekdays, colours and jobs.
“By organising such workshops, we hope to help members of the deaf community to adapt and integrate into the local society through voluntary sports, health and educational programmes,” said Al Blushi.
The second phase of the sign language programme will continue in September to facilitate communication with the deaf community.