Times of Oman photographer wins gold at international photo contest

Energy Tuesday 07/August/2018 20:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Times of Oman photographer wins gold at international photo contest

Muscat: “Photography is in my blood,” says Muscat Media group’s photographer Ismail Al Farsi, who recently won gold at the 19th FIAP Nature Biennial 2018.
And his passion for photography shows in his work; take for instance, his photo of a turtle at Ras al Jinz that won him the gold at the individual level in the competition.
Winning photo
Talking about the photo, Al Farsi, who participated through the Photographic Society of Oman, says, “I took this photo in 2016 when I went to Ras Al Jinz because we had a shoot, and we were given permission to take photos on site.”
“It was dawn when I saw that the turtle was about to start digging a hole to lay eggs. So I had to lay down on the sand and wait for the right moment. As soon as it started digging, I started taking pictures,” he adds.
As a native of Sur, Farsi has seen turtles all his life and his love for photography too started quite early. He says, “From a young age, I’ve loved photography, and I always had art around me because my father was an artist.”
Some 35 countries participated in the competition, and each county had two groups; one group showcased photos based on nature and the other displayed black and white photos.
A ceremony to honour the winning countries will be held on the sidelines of the FIAP conference and congress, which will be held from August 11 to 18, 2018.